From slide to slide without intermediate storage – in perfectly synchronized movement


GT TRANS is a special transfer system for multi-slide presses. Here, the complete rail moves in the direction of flow.

Beim GT TRANS handelt es sich um einen Spezial-Transfer für Mehrstößel-Pressen.
GT Trans

Economical, flexible and safe

The extra carriage enables the transport from one slide to the next without empty stations. This way, equipping effort is not required, and a higher production capacity can be achieved. 

3 freely programmable axes with perfectly synchronized movement for highest flexibility and safe parts transportation. Various clamping box positions possible on the outside and inside of the press uprights, as well as the entry and exit side.

Modular structure for easy and affordable maintenance, as well as easy conversion.

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  • Special Transfer Systems for Multi-Slide Presses.
  • Extra carriage for transportation from one slide to the next without intermediate storage.
  • Higher production capacity and lower loading effort due to absences of intermediate storage.
  • Maximum flexibility and safe parts transportation: three freely programmable axes with perfectly synchronized movement.
  • Various clamping box positions can be implemented (external/internal,entry and exit side). This enables the easy adaptation to all kinds of presses and system concepts.
  • Maximum flexibility and economic efficiency for the design of new presses or when retrofitting existing systems.

GT Trans Ford, Cologne - Germany

At Ford in Cologne, the large part press was no longer cutting edge technology: Since the transfer system was mechanically connected to the rest of the system, the movement cams could not be adapted and components had to be parked between the press slides. Within only seven weeks, Schuler installed a highly dynamic three-axis transfer system with overrun slide and a destacker with line camera on the press – thereby tuning the system to high performance.

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Retrofit Tunes Ford Press to High Performance
Highlights: Modular System
Highlights: Modular System


In the area of transfer systems, you are safe with Schuler: Our automation solutions offer reliable production processes at economic conditions for all requirements. Whether a wide range of parts, high production rate or low spatial requirement – equip existing systems with Schuler transfer solutions and increase the production rate.

Find out more about the transfer solutions of Schuler – all highlights on this page.

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